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Predictable Recruitment Pricing - Smart Recruitment in-a-box

Smart Recruitment in a Box

Predictable Costing Guarantee

What Is Predictable Pricing?

There is a place for recruitment agencies, but there comes a time when you are too big to keep paying a premium and still too small to get your in-house recruiter. Orana Recruit fills this gap and makes a big difference to your business.

From the onset, our goal is to empower you to move towards an in-house recruiter; however, this needs experience and predictable costing. When your recruitment costs fluctuate wildly due to growth, it becomes challenging to manage and budget the person who needs to take on the role.

With our predictable cost model, we control your costs during the transition phase and effectively get you ready for moving over the next two years. The beauty is you will already have software ready to use when your internal recruiter joins, plus if something goes wrong, you can easily transition back to our hybrid model while the situation is rectified.

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